4 star superior bike hotel Ischgl

Bike tours around Ischgl

Discover the most beautiful sides of the Paznaun Alps by bike. Ischgl and especially the Salnerhof, the 4-star superior mountain bike hotel Ischgl, with its location is a perfect starting point for unforgettable and fascinating tours in one of the most beautiful mountain regions of the Alps.

  • Friedrichshafener lodge

    Coming from Ischgl, the tour starts at the parking place Piel (Mathon), where the hikers of the Friedrichshafener lodge park. About 200 m above this place, those who started in Ischgl get on. A total of 16 bends have to be overcome on the relatively evenly rising forest road to overcome the slightly more than 600 m up to the lodge. For this you are rewarded with a huge panorama of the different mountains of the Silvretta and the Verwall group. The descent follows the same way as the ascent, but at the very beginning and at the end there is an interesting and signposted trail variant, which requires a certain degree of bike mastery (S2 on the single-trail scale). Please use only the specially marked trails and leave all other trails to the hikers, thank you!

  • Heidelberger lodge

    Long endurance route with lots of nature experience, stopover at the restaurant Bodenalp possible.

    The route runs 13.7 km through the Fimba valley to the Heidelberger lodge, which is already located on Swiss soil. A lot of physical fitness is required on this long route. Especially at the beginning, it goes steeply uphill to the Black Water lake and Pardatscher lake, which offer a good resting place for recreation. From now on, the route along the Fimba stream becomes more and more beautiful and idyllic! Passing herds of horses and cows, the route, which runs first on asphalt and later on gravel, offers a tremendous experience of nature. At the restaurant Bodenalp you can refill one last time. From now on, you cycle for a long stretch in pure nature uphill to the Heidelberger lodge. The same way back to Ischgl.

  • Heilbronner Hüttentour

    Sweaty, beautiful alpine tour.
    Coming from Ischgl, the route leads to Galtür/Wirl in moderate steepness up to Zeinis lake and Kopsstau lake. A small piece and a few vertical meters you have to go down the asphalt road, before a forest road in many bends up climb towards Heilbronner lodge. After a total of 10 km you reach the cozy Verbellaalp, where you can take a well-deserved rest to strengthen yourself before the last climb. The climb further to the Heilbronner lodge is quite special, especially in the last part due to the steepness. After a stop on the panoramic terrace of the lodge, the descent is either on the same way back.

  • Jamtal lodge

    Through a long, wonderful valley up into breathtaking high-alpine terrain.

    Coming from Ischgl, the starting point is in the centre of Galtür. There you drive southwards and very soon you reach the road that leads into the Jamtal. Exactly 10 km and approx. 600 m, you bike until you reach the destination on the Jamtal lodge. The tour is accompanied by fantastic views of the glaciated peaks in the rear Jamtal. The quiet valley is characterized by typical Tyrolean alpine farming, so various grazing animals are a constant companion. Two of the alpine alps – the Menta-alp and the Scheiben alp – are cultivated in summer and invite you to refresh. The tour to the lodge shows more and more steep sections, so it should not be underestimated in terms of fitness. The Jamtal lodge belongs to the Swabian section of the German Alpine Association and is one of the most important bases for mountaineers, climbers and ski touring in the Silvretta area.

  • Larein alp

    a short tour into the untouched Larein valley

    Coming from Ischgl we take – just before Tschaffein a district of Galtür – the forest way on the right Direction “Stafalis”. On medium-sided forest roads you reach the Larein stream and then always follow the road up to the Larein alp, where you can refuel on the cosy terrace with homemade delicacies, such as the well-known Paznaun alpine cheese. For the return journey there is an alternative, which turns left after about 600 m after the alp and – after a few additional meters uphill – brings you back to the cycle way at Tschaffein.

  • Paznauner Taja - lodge meeting point

    Along an asphalt road to the Fimba valley. Refreshment is possible on the Paznaun Taja.

    This mountain bike route is ideal for an endurance training session. The entire route runs on an asphalt road. The first climb is pretty hard and can push you to your limits. If you want to avoid this steep section, take the Fimba cable car or the Silvretta cable car to the middle station, depending on the operating time. From here on, the slope is no longer so extreme. The valley widens and the landscape becomes more and more beautiful. Take a break at the Schwarzwasser lake or at the nearby Pardatscher lake. The road runs 2 km along the Fimba stream to the not to be missed junction up to the Paznauner Taja. In serpentines you cycle the last piece to the lodge. The way back is either exactly the same or you enter the fast-paced Paznaun Taja Trail. Get information for the trail at the reception before departure!

  • Sesslad Alpe - Niederelbehütten Tour

    Beautiful round with a challenging climb to the beautifully located upper Sesslad alp.

    Coming from Ischgl we turn right in the Stiegenwahl (it’s a district of Kappl) and go straight up steeply into the forest, then quite comfortably to the Ruhestein chapel, which you reach after about 2.5 km. At the next junction, turn left and after crossing the Sesslad stream, you will have a longer climb on pleasant forest way through the Sinser forest. In a hairpin bend after about 7 km you turn right into a cart track, which – a bit wild and molded – leads through very steep slopes to the down Sesslad alp. The ascent up to the upper Sesslad alp is due to the slope – you have to climb at 2.6 km 370 m above sea level – a sporting challenge, but it is definitely worth it thanks to the fantastic panoramic view.
    Tip Bike & Hike: from here you reach the Niederelbe lodge in about 1⁄2 hour – don’t forget the bicycle lock! The return journey takes the same route back to Kappl.

  • Valley tour Galtür with a visit of the Alpinarium Galtür

    Easy tour in the valley area, ideal for cycling or for the family outing together.

    The route continues along the cycle way to Mathon and continues in the direction of the valley to the village of Galtür. Alternating on asphalt and forest roads, the route always leads on the sunny side through typical alpine meadows and fields or through a forest for a short time. Especially the last stretch above Galtür is scenic. Via an old, worn-out forest way with trail character you drive there with a sensational view of the glaciated mountain giants of the Jam valley above the village. At the end of the village you go down to the valley bike way, which takes you along the Trisanna back to Ischgl.
    Tip: If you have some time left, a visit to the unique Alpinarium Adventure Museum is a good option.

  • Valley road front Paznaun

    From Ischgl we follow the cycle way through Kappl to Langesthei where we take the forest way at the end of the “Schrofen” (a district of Kappl) and follow the way to the valley bottom to See. There we take the valley way to cycle back. There is also the possibility to be picked up by the Hotel Salnerhof bike bus.

  • Zeinis lake round BIKE & RUN TOUR

    Easy, short tour to the idyllic Zeinis lake in neighbouring Vorarlberg.

    Coming from Ischgl, the starting point is in the centre of Galtür. From there you drive northwards to Wirl and cross the Vermunt stream (which by the way merges with the Jam stream and is called Trisanna) right in front of the first houses in Wirl and drive up into the valley towards Zeinisjoch. Alternating on asphalt and gravel, after about 4.5 km you reach the 1,842 m high crossing, which is also the border between the federal states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg. On gravel roads you go down to the lake, where there is a guest house and a campsite. On the other side of the lake, take the asphalt road back to Zeinisjoch and on the way back to Galtür.
    Tip Bike & Run: An additional run around the adjacent Kopsstau lake makes an unforgettable day of sports and nature perfect! - Don’t forget the bike lock!

  • Kopsstau lake - Verbellaalp - Wiegen lake

    We start in front of our hotel and drive comfortably along the Trisanna to Galtür. From there we cycle on the old Zeinisjoch street up to the Kopsstau lake. On the Vorarlberg side, it is a short steep descent to cycle there into the idyllic valley of the Verbella stream to the beautiful Verbella alp. Here we leave our bikes (don’t forget the bike lock) and hike now about 45 minutes to the Wiegen lake (Moor lake European Protected Area). We walk the same way back to our bikes. On the way back we cycle around the Kopsstau lake with our bikes, then we go downhill back to the Salnerhof.