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Moments of relaxation

Start your spa holiday with a massage, this is the best way to immerse yourself in the wellness world of the Wellness Resort Salnerhof. Forget the stress of everyday life, muscle tension or back pain, the gentle touch on the skin to do well and make all discomfort disappear quickly.

Crystal Full-Body Massage

ca. 50 min - € 67,00

The classic massage ranks among the most important natural healing methods. Ideal to enhance blood circulation and metabolism by supporting the entire body’s regeneration. Loosens sore and stained muscles, easing tenseness and aches in everyday life. It has a highly relaxing effect by fighting against varied complaints at the same time. One-sided muscular overload, lack of physical exercise and postural defects can cause tension and muscle deficiencies.

Crystal Partial Massage

ca. 25 min - € 38,00

Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism strengthens regeneration, releases tense and strained muscles and soothes tensions and pains. Perfect for relaxing your back, legs or arms.

Facial and Head Massage

ca. 25 min - € 40,00

A gentle massage of the head and neck region with arnica tonic. To refill your energies and to solve blockages and tension.

Crystal Sports Massage

ca. 50 min - € 72,00

You have a stressed musculature and need more than "just a massage"? Get an individual full body massage with special oils for your most stressed zones.

Foot Treatments

ca. 40 min - € 54,00

A soothing foot massage to take some of your tension in the feet after a long day or strenuous activity.

Hot Stone Massage

ca. 50 min - € 74,00

This massage involves hot stones and is known as a natural shaman therapy that reduces stress symptoms. The experience is energetically balancing, calming and focusing on the mind.

Swiss Pine Vitality Massage

ca. 50 min - € 75,00

A treatment to improve the blood circulation of the whole body and loosens tensions and blockades, with use of warm, different sized rods made of swiss pine.