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"safe holiday" at the Salnerhof!

With "DISTANCE" and personal responsibility a safe place for your personal wellness vacation! Travel #healthily #Respect the rules of conduct and keep #distance. We ask you to take responsibility for yourself and also for others! Respect, your health and responsibility is our concern to you! Personal responsibility means dealing consciously with dangers! ❤️ Thank you for your understanding

What do you have to consider as a guest?

  • 3-step plan

    1st level: Currently

    2nd level: From 7 days after the intensive care bed occupancy rate of 15% has been exceeded

    3rd level: From 7 days after the utilization of 20% has been exceeded

  • Gastronomy and accommodation
    • Level 1: Currently access with 3G proof. Attention: The period of validity of the antigen tests has been reduced from 48 to 24 hours
    • From level 2, antigen tests with self-implementation ("living room tests") are no longer valid as evidence.
    • If level 3 occurs, even “official” rapid antigen tests (such as test lanes, pharmacies) are no longer valid as proof of access. Therefore, only a valid negative PCR test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery counts as proof of entry.
  • Après-ski
    • During level 1, the same rules apply as for night catering: access with a PCR test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. An antibody detection or antigen test is not sufficient.
    • From level 2, the 2G rule applies: access only for vaccinated and convalescent people, no testing of any kind.
  • Cablecars

    85% of the cable cars are open vehicles with a lower risk of infection and a journey time of less than 15 minutes. To secure the winter season, the cable car companies are taking additional measures for a safe winter holiday in Austria.

    • Level 1-3: Compulsory wearing of an FFP2 mask.

    Introduction of the 3-G rule from the start of the season.

    • If entry certificates are introduced, they will be checked when tickets are sold (a practical implementation is still being worked on)
    • Visitors must always have valid 3G proof with them and present them as part of random checks
    • If the visitors fail to comply with the epidemiological measures, the cable car companies should be released from their transport obligation
    • Measures going beyond level 3 - in particular restrictions for unvaccinated persons - will be carried out in accordance with the general measures
  • Your entry into Austria / Tyrol / Ischgl

    On the page, you can enter your country of origin to find out the latest entry requirements.

    Entry from countries with a low incidence of infection:

    3G certificate is necessary:

    Entry registration ONLY if there is no 3G certificate.
    Registration: HERE

    Attention: The 3G certificate must be submitted within 24 hours

    • vaccinated: a full immunization applies from the day of the 2nd vaccination. Vaccines for which only 1 vaccination is intended (Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day for a total of 9 months after the day of vaccination
      Recovered persons who have been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 9 months from the date of vaccination 
    • Tested *: PCR test - not older than 72 hours
      Antigen test - not older than 48h
    • Recovery: 6 months after illness with confirmation or evidence of antibodies (not older than 3 months)

    A test certificate is required for children aged 12 and over.

    *) IMPORTANT: Persons with the status "tested" or one vaccination must carry out self-responsible, regular tests on site after the expiry of the last day (PCR = 72h, antigen = 48h, self-test with digital solution = 24h). Tests are carried out in the hotel, at the doctor's or in the screening street - information at the reception

    Unfortunately, we cannot give you any more detailed information regarding entry and quarantine regulations when you return to your home country, as these are country-specific regulations and these are constantly changing.

  • What security measures take place in the hotel?
    • There is a legally prescribed prevention concept
    • There is a legally required COVID-19 officer in the house
    • With our Hollu cleaning concept and the associated increased cleaning and disinfection intervals, we take care of our guests and employees
    • Our ventilation systems have been tested and are technically the best!
    • All of our employees are required to provide 3G proof
    • Our employees wear a simple MNS and are also continuously tested for COVID 19
    • Every employee has a daily fever
    • Plexiglass panes are attached where necessary
    • We have set up disinfection facilities everywhere at our public entrances. Take advantage of this - in addition to regular hand washing - gladly
    • Automatic fever measurement when entering the hotel
    • Every guest or every family receives the daily menu in their personal morning mail
    • The wine and drinks menu is available in digital form directly on your mobile phone using a QR code


    • Due to the distance rules, there are no restrictions in the area of person capacities in the sauna or indoor pool, but we appeal to your personal responsibility!
    • Sauna infusions are currently not allowed
    • Opening times will be adjusted if necessary


    • Our guided activity programs take place in smaller groups and in compliance with the distance rules (possibly limited number of participants)

    The measures are continuously adapted to the statutory COVID 19 changes!

What du you have to consider at the hotel?


(unless the situation changes)

  • Before arrival, you will receive an email with a link to check-in online - this speeds up your check-in at the hotel
  • Have the EU digital COVID certificate or test result / vaccination pass / confirmation of recovery ready. Children from the age of 12 need proof
  • MNS mask compulsory for adults and children over 14 years of age
  • We ask you to refrain from "shaking hands" as a security
Gourmet Restaurant Ischgl
  • There are no restrictions on the number of people in the sauna and indoor pool due to the distance rules. But we appeal to your personal responsibility!
Wellnesshotel Ischgl

(unless the situation changes)

  • Our guided activity programs take place in smaller groups and in compliance with the applicable Corona rules (possibly limited number of participants)

IMPORTANT: People with the 3G status "tested" or only one vaccination must carry out regular, autonomous tests on site after the expiry of the last day (PCR = 72h, antigen = 48h, self-test with digital solution = 24h). Tests are carried out in the hotel, at the doctor's or in the screening street - information at the reception

Bike Hotel Ischgl

Vacation meets security!

Measures & rules here, numbers & incidences there - nobody can hear it anymore. Everyone longs for a piece of "normality" and wants to get out of their own four walls again. For this little holiday happiness, we only must observe a few rules that we have summarized for you in a nutshell. If you have any questions, requests, or anything unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (from 25-06 to 12.09.2021 from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.). Call us on +43 5444 5272 or send us an email at

We look forward to welcoming you with us.
Sincerely, your Salner family and their team

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