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Give joy

Give holiday pleasures and relaxing moments

Surprise your family and friends with a wellness treatment, a holiday or a culinary present at our Hotel in Ischgl to enjoy a good time with our vouchers!

Crystal Full-Body Massage

ca. 50 min - € 67,00

The classic massage is one of the most well-known naturopathic treatments and - due to its relaxing effects - helps to fight many discomforts. Unilateral strains, lack of exercise and bad posture lead to changes in tension and limitations of musculature.

Crystal Partial Massage

ca. 25 min - € 38,00

Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism strengthens regeneration, releases tense and strained muscles and soothes tensions and pains. Perfect for relaxing your back, legs or arms.

Facial and Head Massage

ca. 25 min - € 40,00

Why not peel off the stress and hectic of everyday life that's written all over your face? Leave the world behind and freshen up appearance, charisma and energy? The Facial & Head Massage is just the right treatment. Arnica tonic vivifies the scalp and the honey intensive cream add a brilliant smile.

Crystal Sports Massage

ca. 50 min - € 72,00

You have a stressed musculature and need more than "just a massage"? Get an individual full body massage with special oils for your most stressed zones.

Foot Treatments

ca. 40 min - € 54,00

The feet are a mirror of yourself and have a symbolic meaning how we walk through life. The effect of foot reflexology runs from physical to the mental-emotional area.

Stream Stone Massage

ca. 50 min - € 74,00

Enjoy the Asian art of massage with warm and cold stream stones. The heat of the stones releases muscle straints and the chakras activate the energy flow in your body. Apart from the effects of the massage itself, the deliberately used contrast of heat and cold has a special effect on the vegetative nervous system and strengthens your immune system.

Stone Pine Vitality Massage

ca. 50 min - € 75,00

The Stone Pine Vitality massage uses heated Stone Pine sticks of varying length and diameter and a Stone Pine massage milk (arnica or honey) for deep relaxation. The sticks' heat and the massage milk enter deep into the muscles and improve the blood circulation of the whole body, enhance the energy flow and release straints and blockades.