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Passionate and unique selection

The winecellar

„Enjoying wine is enjoying the adventure of flavour, a celebration for your senses!“

Precious wines and essences from our wine cellar with a great assortment appeal to your senses and perfectly round off the encounter in an atmosphere full of charme and style. Numerous regional and international wines offer a great range of taste and sense experiences.

Noble wines

Aperitifs, dry white wines, red wines with a flowery bouquet, full-bodied dessert wines and digestifs.

Noble wines form a perfect symbiosis with our gourmet cuisine. Life is a big party. Experiencing, enjoying and being romantic. Life is a feast! Experience, enjoy and be romantic.

Advice from our sommeliers

Enjoy a wine tasting in the atmospheric vault of our wine cellar. For our sommeliers it is always a personal challenge to impart to you all knowledge of perfect wine pleasure.

Seek advice form our sommeliers and taste our wines.